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Prologue, Epilogue, Iklog (O Manok?)
Copyright © 1999 by Said Sadain, Jr.

16   PESJ History (cont.)

Sept. 15

The resignation of the Comelec was announced at 4:00 p.m. on a Thursday, while the election was scheduled to start early in the morning of the next day, Friday. Thus, on Friday, Sept. 15, parents and the general assembly converged in the lobby of the PSJ while the PA and PTC took the pains of distributing letters of apology for the current inconvenience and disappointment.

At about noon-time, the unexpected happened. An active parent of the Parents Association, Mrs. Milette Shahwan, who is now our Canteen Manager, was accosted and attacked by PSJ teachers and staff. This extreme sacrifice of a parent proved to be a turning point.

Subsequent complaints and demands by parents for the Congen, in his capacity at that time as school director of PSJ, to punish the offenders and institute discipline among his faculty and staff fell on deaf ears.

Sept. 21

It was thus that concerned parents led by the PA and PTC, on Sept. 21, sent Dr. Bahjin and Jun Credo to see the Attaché for Education and the Ambassador in Riyadh with a request from parents to form a second Philippine school in Jeddah directly under the directorship of the Ambassador.

After full consultation with the Congen, the Education Attaché recommended to the Ambassador the approval of the request of our group of parents to establish the Philippine Embassy School in Jeddah.

Sept. 25

On Sept. 25, this approval was announced to parents in a general assembly hastily held at the Manila Food Plaza. During this assembly, the PA gained the commitment of at least 104 parents to support the PESJ. Further, the assembly unanimously decided to install the PA candidates to the aborted PSJ school board election as members of the Interim School Board of the PESJ.

This school board is composed of parents representatives Jun Credo, Jun Atienza, Ramon Soriano & Said Sadain; teacher representatives Mrs. Belma Regis, Mrs. Emma Tiama, Mrs. Mayette Catacutan and Mrs. Naima Bilaran; and OCW representative, Dr. Ibrahim Bahjin.

Shortly thereafter, Mrs. Belma Regis accepted the mother role of Acting Principal of PESJ by popular demand.

More importantly, the active members of the PA, the core group of volunteers in all these efforts, worked hard during the two weeks in late Sept. and early Oct. 1995, raising the necessary fund, locating a good school site, preparing the site, procuring furniture, equipment and materials, hiring teachers and staff, in time for an Oct. 7 opening date.

Oct. 7

Thus, on Oct. 7, 1995, the PESJ, with much great help from a lot of parents and the OCW community at large, and I would like to especially mention here, the Bangsa-Sug ethnic community to which I belong to, opened its doors to 67 students who, without any reservations and in the midst of extreme adversities and uncertainties, put their trust in the hands of this core group of parents with a vision to pursue.

After another quarter of the SY 95-96, these 67 students were further joined by 45 more. At the end of the school year, the PESJ had a population of some 120 students.

In Dec. 1995, however, the Saudi MOE came out with a one-city-one-school policy which left us with no choice but to devise a way to co-exist with the old school while preserving our own management style and our own academic program.

Intensive consultations with the general PESJ community followed this surpise announcement. The very existence of PESJ was being threatened, and the community have to come up with an ingenious solution to maintain its gains and continue its growth. Thus, by Feb. 1996, the PESJ community had proposed to the Embassy in Riyadh for PESJ to pursue a science-oriented curriculum in order to distinguish our operation from the existing curriculum of the PSJ, and thus create two sections under one school in line with an MOE exception to the policy.

Under the threat of closure, leaders of the two Phil. schools in Jeddah agreed in April 1996 to apply for a single license to the MOE as the International Philippine School in Jeddah, to operate from a single location but with two sections, one a general education section and the other one, a science-oriented section, and for DECS to modify the old PSJ license to read "IPSJ (formerly the PSJ and the PESJ)". The two schools also agreed to select their MOE representatives, namely Dr. Bahjin of PESJ, Ding Razon of PESJ and Ben Guerra of PSJ.

The opening of the SY 1996-1997, saw the upsurge of enrollees to PESJ, now being relabeled as IPSJ-Science and currently implementing the science curriculum at the 1st year H.S. level, and enhanced general education curricula from Grade 1 to Grade 6. From an initial student population of 67, exactly one year ago from today, our student population now stands at 370!

Our present facilities determined this limit. Sadly, we have to reject other applicants because we cannot accommodate them anymore in our present location.

In the future, we expect this population to further grow especially with the expanded facilities which will become available to us shortly.

Thus, one year from the opening of the PESJ, this community of concerned parents, is once again at the threshold of assuming a greater role in the development of the Filipino OCW community here in Jeddah.

More than ever, we need to remain unified and vigilant, that our vision of quality education for our children at an affordable cost to us parents, shall be sustained and be strengthened as we face up to the challenges that lie ahead of us.

Thank you and good evening.

October 7, 1996


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