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Section I

1 The Egg

2 Hatsing! (Bless Me)

3 Arthropodic Wisdom

4 Dear Decision Maker

5 Letters To The World

6   A Pain In My Head

7 Something Happened On My Way To School
8   A Discourse on The Grand Laws of the Universe

9 Black or White

10 Bayanihan in Jeddah

11 Chair of The Interim Board

12 Breakaway Telephonic Existence

13 The 'R' in Mrs. Regis

14 One City, One School

15 Eggs Breaking

16 PESJ History

17 The Chicken Fence

18 Believing The Man

19   My Own Version of The Jolo-Caust

20 My Sister's Version

21 The Rifle Guitar

22   Cat Stevens Unplugged

23  Landing on D-Day

24 The Great O-O-Os of the Late 20th Century

25 He Kept On Stumbling Over Chickens And Eggs

26   The Renaissance of Tilapia Farming And The Likes

27   The Saga Continues

28   The Pigeons In Our Lives

29 The Essence of Education

30   A School Is A Home

31  Gentle Fire From The Qur'an

32  At The Threshold

33  A Brief Discourse On Dancing

34  Being First

35   At The Edge of Light-Blue Metallic

36   Grappling With The Colossus


Section II
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The Power To Be
Excerpts from B & B Vol. 1 # 1

Of Crabs & Men
Excerpts from B & B Vol. 2 # 2

Excerpts from B & B Vol. 2 # 2

An Inability To Understand
Excerpts from A Speech by Prince Charles,
B & B Vol. Vol. 3 # 1

'Educating Miriam'
Excerpts from A Case Study of A Philippine School,
B & B Vol 3 # 2


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A millennial short story


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Prologue, Epilogue, Iklog (O Manok?)
Copyright 1999 by Said Sadain, Jr.

27   The Saga Continues

We at PESJ were certainly risk-takers. But we were crazy enough to not have made money out of it, in spite of all the suspicions and accusations that we had to bear.

All the officers in the school board and various management committees, except for those actually teaching or those holding regular school positions such as the cashier and office clerks, never received any salary, not even allowances. I got refunded of some of my personal money when we finally had to liquidate the assets of the PESJ in preparation for the merger into the New IPSJ, just as the other parents in the school got their equitable shares of the proceeds of the liquidation based on the initial amounts they contributed.

I got a table and a prize Pakistani hardwood divider back to their old nooks in my house, but decided to donate some cabinets and other tables to the new school. In the meantime, the parents of some one thousand Filipino children in Jeddah, as a whole, saved themselves as much as Saudi Riyal 1.5 millions from the reduced tuition fees annually. I suspect some businessmen out there must be twisting and turning and howling in their beds.

It was not until the start of the school year 1997-1998 that the Saudi authorities and the Philippine embassy came down hard on the feuding IPSJ sections. The embassy refused to open the new school year unless the school was reorganized to have only one management and one set of faculty members and staff. When it was finally allowed to open, the IPSJ was renamed to the New International Philippine School in Jeddah (NIPSJ) in its nth incarnation.

Some of my co-revolutionaries joined the new Filipino school; some decided to continue a revolution on the sidelines, conducting clandestine classroom activities anywhere they felt comfortable while looking for Saudi philanthropists who would privately sponsor them; some joined the community schools of other nationalities; some sent their families back to the Philippines.

The saga continues to this day, in mid-February 1999.


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