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First Quarter 2000

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Remembering Evelio Javier

The Choice Is Ours
by Prof. Rudy B. Rodil

Gone To The Movies
(Mindanao Series III) by Said Sadain, Jr.

Evelio Javier, EDSA's Sacrifical Lamb
by Freda Contreras

by Alia Zaldarriaga

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Sobra Na!

EBJ's death, indeed, was so cruel and so horrible that people who saw his hapless and blood-stained body on the papers and the tubes, shouted "sobra na!" (too much) addressing their hatred at the ruling administration. A week prior to his cold-blooded assassination, EBJ, through a tape-recorded dialogue with Manila Times publisher Chino Roces (then head of the Cory-for-President Movement), pointed a finger to one Marcos crony in Antique as the party who had the motive to "have me lynched". In EBJ's words, "I have to make myself elusive. Everytime I move around in Antique, I have to play cat and mouse" with the goons of this politician.

Barely four days following the snap presidential polls, at precisely 10:45 in the morning of Feb 11, 1986, EBJ, in an unguarded moment, while engaged in amenities with a few of his supporters in front of the New Capitol Building, was fired at openly by six hooded thugs in fatigue uniform with the use of M-16 armalite rifles. The six came without warning on board a white Nissan jeepney.

EBJ was hit on his left shoulder and leg in the initial fusillades. He scampered for safety by zigzagging the 50-meter stretch across the circular park away from the Capitol building, bleeding profusely. He even fell on an artificial moat but managed to clamber amidst the hail of the whizzing bullets from his pursuers. Javier finally sought safety in a comfort room across the street and it was there where he was cornered by his chasing attackers. His killers riddled his body and head with simultaneous volleys of merciless firepower.

An autopsy of the slain Antique hero revealed that EBJ sustained 24 bullet wounds. Also wounded were three of EBJ's supporters (while in the park) and one laundry woman who was at that time inside the comfort room where EBJ ran to.

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