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First Quarter 2000

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The progression undergone by Malcolm’s life and ideas shows that Islam, taken in its proper context and divested of the unnecessary fanaticism and attendant persecution complex of a small segment of its adherents, as well as the historical baggage of biased generalizations and distorted notions, is a powerful tool for individual and social reform.

The timeless Islamic principles of brotherhood (ukhuwwat), equality (al musaawaat) and renewal (tajdeed), and its equally important values of love (hab), perseverance (sabr), trust (amaanah) and fairness (adl), among others, are universal ingredients of man’s humanity useful for all mankind.

At a time when the world is slowly realizing the moralistic decay of unbridled liberalism and materialism, or shockingly awaking to the perils of extreme ideological, religious and ethnic bigotry, the true reformative and tolerant character of Islam as a religion, which the transformation of Malcolm X so eloquently portrayed, should be emphasized, and integrated into our lives.

A retelling of the life of Malcolm X is most appropriate, not only in the context of the continuing Black struggle for self-improvement in America, but also in the face of the worldwide resurgence of Islamic activism and consciousness which need to be propelled along the positive and productive paths of development. (Moorings)


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