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OFW 2000:
(The Fight Is Not Yet Over)

Passages in Sen. Legarda's September 15, 1999 Manila Bulletin column best sum up the essence of Project OFW 2000 - that of enhancing the image of OFWs (both at home and abroad); giving them more protection while overseas; and giving them a face and, more importantly, a voice in Philippine society so that they may be able to truly participate in shaping the future of our country:

"While the OFWs' value in the past has been based primarily on the revenues they remit annually to pump up the economy, the attempt to raise them on a higher level of accomplishment is anchored on the initiative of The Philippines to the World Entertainment Foundation, Inc., and supported by legislative action on the part of the Senate. Once this proposal is implemented by the Erap Administration, this will enhance the image of our OFWs and magnify their participation in the over-all scenario of the Philippines for the new millenium... the Foundation hopes that the declaration of the year 2000 as The Year of Overseas Filipino Workers will fuel interest in our countrymen overseas to initiate significant and productive undertakings that would further improve their stature in the local communities. The Foundation believes that these groups could eventually push for the passage into law of the absentee voting bill and demand for the creation of more laws relevant to overseas employment and reintegration of returning OFWs."


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