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2nd Quarter 2000

Mindanao is Bleeding
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Unleashing the Dogs of War
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Let There Be Peace!
May 4, 2000

His Excellency
Joseph Ejercito Estrada
President of the Philippines

Dear Mr. President,

Greetings of peace from Mindanao!

This peace is what we all long for in this island in the Southern Philippines. But instead there are the horrors of war. Many killings. Many more wounded. Maybe 150,000 homeless refugees. So many people are exposed to so much horror as the results of the war take hold.

And overall there is the setback to the economy and tourism. Indeed Mindanao has been set back economically a good 20 years because of this war.

Hence Mr. President, our people here are appealing to you as Father of the nation: reign in the dogs of war; silence the guns; declare a ceasefire; restore the peace process. Establish zones of peace on the buffer areas between the MILF and AFP, with PNP security under the supervision of the Joint GRP-MILF CCCH. End this senseless war which neither side can win.
Indeed it deepens the existing divisions in this island of Mindanao. It exacerbates the feelings of bitterness which threathen any kind of peace.
Enough, and too much, blood has already been shed. And who is to bear responsibility for all this bloodshed?

We know that Mindanao has not been high on the priorities of successive Manila Governments. But even so far we appeal to your concern for the stricken people of this island. They are the victims of a devastating war which, in its turn, will produce greater whirlwind of violence in the years to come.

Fr. Sean Purcell CSSR

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