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To ARMM or Not To ARMM

Since the Peace Agreement of 1996 (and several centuries later), Muslim Mindanao, at the verge of another election and another millennium, is asking itself Wha' Happened? Where Do We Go From Here?!!

First part of a series on Muslim Mindanao...

Full text of the 1996 Peace Agreement

Other relevant documents


Islamic Advocacy

Islam is being recklessly associated with militancy and terrorism, and in the case of the Philippines, mainly because of the violence happening in Mindanao. The recent National Bureau of Investigation blast in Manila was so quickly and viciously blamed on 'Muslim terrorists and drug syndicates' even before the investigation began, an investigation that is now saying that it was an embarrassing accident which did the NBI in.

But, notwithstanding the furor, what does Islam actually preach?

Full article courtesy of Arab News' Islam In Perspective....


Cool Cat

The recent visit of Yusuf Islam, aka Cat Stevens, to the Philippines on a dawa (Islamic propagation) tour elicited this cool article from Conrado de Quiros, one of Bugs & Bytes favorite PDI and Arab News columnist. On this one, however, de Quiros, while appearing to be a Cat Stevens enthusiast, falls short of the justice that the Cat deserves from his otherwise excellent pen. If Conrado de Quiros has done more research, or even actually attended the UP forum, he would have found out that Yusuf Islam is not just a preacher, he is also still very much a singer and a doer. [Check out Yusuf Islam's Cat's songs and his more recent Islamic tunes at]

Conrado de Quiros should also take that plunge now since, judging from his writings, he really is one brave, highly-intelligent columnist, and one who will surely appreciate the fact that Islam will make him a braver and cooler columnist, without taking anything away from him except the booze, the pork and the mystery of a trilogy. (Who needs mysteries these days anyway when strange things can happen right in front of our noses, the Erap-thing for one?)

Strum right on to the cool PDI article ...


BUGS & BYTES Features An Old Issue Article

It may have been written in late 1993 or early 1994, but the time does not matter. The topic of The Alphabet Kids is very much relevant today, with the recent rashes of high school shootings and teen-age hip-hop crimes being committed in the very heart of civilized America. Is it really the loose guns, the 'entertainment' media influence, the bad parenting, the devil himself? Talk about the culture of violence: where is it, in the jungles of Mindanao, the pavements of the US of A, the streets of London?

The story of The Alphabet Kids may shock you. Careful with that trigger....


Wisdom For All Times & Places

The recent earthquake in Turkey is just a reminder. The body count that keeps on fluctuating from 13,000 to 26,000 from day to day (and still counting) just shows the depth of chaos and devastation brought to bear upon a people unprepared.

We express our deep condolence to all victims of natural calamities wherever they happen. And while we are in that deep state, here is something to further reflect on.

Excerpts from the Qur'an, The Book of Wisdom. Don't shut it outright just because you are not a disciple....


Updates will be done frequently to this page. Please check this out regularly.

BUGS & BYTES Recommendation Of
Books To Read
(in association with

The Little Prince
The Little Prince
by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Breakfast of Champions
Breakfast of Champions
by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr

The Contemporary Muslim Movement In The Philippines by Cesar Adib Majul

Overseas Filipino Workers 101

Join Freda Contreras, a good friend of Bugs & Bytes, in a neat 101 classroom on Overseas Filipino Workers. And if you are an OFW yourself, get listed in Freda's interesting mailing list.

Promising site ....


Computer Lessons

Bugs & Bytes originally wanted to provide a series on personal computing, ever since its first issue back in 1992, but has never really gotten to doing that. But why re-invent the wheel, so to speak? Let's hear the lessons straight from the experts.

And this site is one real expert that can easily relate to laymen and virtuosos alike.

Warp right into Computerworld's QuickStudy for that truly quick educational shot in the arm....


NASA (tao ang gawa...)

A high school friend from the provincial Dayang-Dayang Hadji Piandao Memorial High School in Jolo, Sulu, circa 1970, could not and would not believe then that man had just landed on the moon, and kept on blaming the CIA for a blatant and massive propaganda meant to deceive the Communists!

Jamiri, later on, became a perennial student-in-residence at the Mindanao Student University trying to complete a course in Law before he moved on to something NBI or MNLF.

But this link is for him, and for the rest of the Philippines who, we sincerely hope, can be inspired to rise above the heights of tomato bushes, Quirino grandstands and Makati rallies.

Jam, Eddie, Cory, Erap, Mike, Karding, this is Polar Lander calling from Mars!!!

Ponder on the potentials and limits of Man with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Mars Project ...

And Deep Space 2 Probe ....
an adventure into personal publishing


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