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Mt. Tumantangis & Other Poems on Sulu
by Isnani

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The Actions Of The Fox

There are two kinds of fox:
the mountain fox and the tamer fox.

In days of heat of searchingsky on grass that died
they jumped like birds over the rusty dog;
but dog stirred and grunted and barked, then leaped
and two went down, the heavy dog and tamer fox
stumblingscathed dusty on the nose and fur
as mountainfox cleared the fence,
gets hounded by the city, hunted in the forest.

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
The quickbrown fox jumps over the lazydog
thequickbrownfox jumps overthelazydog,
as a typewriter taps lonely in the night
contemplating contemplating the action of the fox.

But the tamer one with the fluid eyes
settles to watching wary the rusty heavy dog
neither risking courage now to try again -
maybe ramming into dog, a few scratches or so
or even its neck the red of blood and fire -
nor bothers itself with the haunting cry of the one
which defied dog and fence and dyingcity.

- Dias

fox from MS Publisher CD

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