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JAMMIA Gift and Coffee Shop
Unit 19, Landsdale Arcade
Mother Ignacia St. cor. Timog Avenue
Quezon City, Philippines
Tel # (632) 372-3926
Pager # 1481-118640


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The Colors of JAMMIA
Bags and Kahawa Sug

With an eye to quality and beauty, the JAMMIA bags and knapsacks combine the youthful designs of today's generation with the indigenous elegance of Yakan woven mats and table runners from Sulu. They are crafted to exude both functionality and uniqueness, strength and style.

Kahawa Sug, or Sulu coffee, is a strong, aromatic brew that could compete with the best coffee in fancy restaurants anywhere. This is the stuff that, for centuries, has kept the fierce Sulu warriors warm and alert in their forlorn jungle haunts.


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Visit JAMMIA to sample its full menu of sumptuous snacks and budget home-cooked meals, mother-and-daughter baked cakes and brownies, healthy pandan juice, Sulu mats, Yakan weavings, batik and other Mindanao native wear on display.

The people behind JAMMIA

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