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JAMMIA Gift and Coffee Shop
Unit 19, Landsdale Arcade
Mother Ignacia St. cor. Timog Avenue
Quezon City, Philippines
Tel # (632) 372-3926
Pager # 1481-118640


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The People of Jammia
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JAMMIA Gift and Coffee Shop was conceived and established by two corporate lawyers inspired by what they knew their respective wives and families could do.

Atty. Rafael Lagos was a Director, while Atty. Mehol Sadain was the Corporate Secretary of the Board of The National Power Corporation.  When their terms in the Board completed in 1998, Raffy went back to private practice while Mehol returned to his teaching job at the University of the Philippines. Both, however, believed they could still collaborate on things other than board matters.

Raffy's mother Etta and wife Grace were excellent bakers and made extremely delicious cakes which were a hit among their circle of friends. The Lagoses marketed their baked products from their home and a small outlet, ER Country Fair, in Marikina. These cakes were always in great demand during the holiday seasons.

Mehol and wife Nilda, on the other hand, regularly visited Mehol's Jolo hometown and residence in Zamboanga City. During such visits, they would bring native Sulu mat products and Yakan woven table runners and placemats to friends in Manila as pasalubong. Later, some friends would go to the extent of ordering these native products every time Mehol and Nilda would visit Mindanao because the materials were priced much lower than those available in department stores and tourist outlets. Mehol, a coffee-lover, would also bring with him freshly-grounded and very aromatic kahawa sug, Sulu coffee, which proved to be a taster's delight among their friends in MetroManila.

Thus was born JAMMIA, a name that combines the name of Mehol's only daughter Jam and Raffy's youngest daughter Mia. It is managed by Nilda Sadain and is located at Unit 19, Landsdale Arcade, Mother Ignacia cor. Timog Avenue, Quezon City.


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JAMMIA has a full menu of sumptuous snacks, budget home-cooked meals, exquisite made-to-order cakes and packed lunches, a favorite of its customers being beef in Zamboanga City's famous Alavar sauce.

The Colors of JAMMIA

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