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2nd Quarter 2000

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Paths, artwork by Angel Cabigao
This issue brings you forceful poetry for the soul from Mindanao writers.

Mindanao is Bleeding
Statements of Peace

Unleashing the Dogs of War
by Said Sadain, Jr.

The Abuja Islamic Education Trust
Islam Through E-Mail

What is Shariah?

written by
Raul Moldez
Rene Bernales


written by
Fr. Eliseo Mercado, Jr.
Mehol Sadain
Said Sadain, Jr.

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[A Call To Peace is a poem consolidated from poems and essays of 51 students from various schools in Zamboanga City, Philippines who participated in the Camp Peace 2000 (Batang Paz)  event, May 8 - 11, 2000 at Ebenezer Bible College, Upper Calarian, Zamboanga City. This poem was posted by Fr. Calvo on the Mindanao1081 e-mailing list.]



We, kids of CAMPEACE 2000
We cry out for peace...
We shout it with please...
Kindly lend us your ears.

We, kids of CAMPEACE 2000
Have woken up one day by this war
You've made in Jolo, Maguindanao and Basilan
We are now so afraid and alarmed,
By the sight of men and boys with guns in hand
And so much blood-shed in our land.
But, no, that's not what we want...
So for Peace we now stand.

We, kids of CAMPEACE 2000,
Have bonded together to seek Peace today,
We choose what our heats say:
Resolve the conflict in a peaceful way.

Oh, our big brothers, our dear fathers,
Our government, our mentors and our protectors:
Please stop the fighting all at once and give peace a chance;
We want you to live with us longer,
Just as much as we want to live for many more years,
We fear we can't bear to be orphaned, maimed and helpless.

We long for safe streets and wide friendly plazas,
Where we could play and be care free like you said you had been at our age.
We dream of a community where there is tranquility,
Where friends are living together in trust, confidence and unity.

We long for trees, flowers in bloom, freckled spiders and butterflies,
To wake up to sunny mornings and floppy white clouds grazing blue skies.

Will you give us more tomorrows to witness all these?
Say: Yes, Yes, Yes, Yo! Yes to Peace!

Spare us the future,
Save us the world!



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