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Chickens, Eggs
First Quarter 2000

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The Choice Is Ours
by Rudy Buhay Rodil

Gone To The Movies
(Mindanao Series III) by Said Sadain, Jr.

Evelio Javier, EDSA's Sacrificial Lamb
by Freda Contreras

by Alia Zaldarriaga

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Chickens Eggs

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The Chickens, Eggs Section brings you an assortment of critical thinking & musings of individuals whose voices, alone may not make a dent, but collectively can be like the petals and seeds that fire up the sunflower.


The Choice Is Ours by Prof. Rudy B. Rodil and Gone To The Movies by Said K. Sadain, Jr. are both written with the heightened tension in Mindanao at the background: barely into the first quarter of the year 2000, the secessionist MILF and the communist NPA are threatening to wage a broader war; Philippine politicians are questioning the capability of the military authorities to face up to these threats and are gearing up to arm civilian communities in a not-so-civil plan; President Estrada is bristling with a 'June Or Never' ultimatum; the sounds of bomb blasts and gunfires are starting to deaden the senses. Can Mindanao avert a war that promises to be bloodier than those of the early 70s?

Evelio Javier by Freda Contreras is a remembrance of a recent past that is so much still in the present with the ongoing onslaught of dirty politics in the Philippines.

Headscarf by Alia Zaldarriaga is a refreshing view of how the Muslim woman should conduct herself in dealing with a modern world without compromising on her modesty and religion.


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