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First Quarter 2000

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Remembering Evelio Javier

The Choice Is Ours
by Prof. Rudy B. Rodil

Gone To The Movies
(Mindanao Series III) by Said Sadain, Jr.

Evelio Javier, EDSA's Sacrifical Lamb
by Freda Contreras

by Alia Zaldarriaga

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Southern Discomfort
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Chickens Eggs

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Freda Editha Contreras, Suite 101 Editor on Overseas Filipino Workers, takes time to remember her hero, the late Evelio Javier who was assassinated in Antique a few days before the fateful 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution in the Philippines. Evelio's death, as with the murder of Ninoy Aquino in 1983, exemplifies the vicious politics and rage of the 1980's that led to the overthrow of the Marcos regime. 

EDSA Revolution's Sacrificial Lamb

by Freda Editha O. Contreras

A Meaningful Passage
Sobra Na!
The Longest March

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