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Ethnic colors are exciting. Colors and coffee, anyone?

Welcome to the Web nest of
and ponder about the eggs and chickens at the threshold of a new millennium, a world where a "Moro, Filipino, overseas worker" watches over the seas and deserts of a space and time somewhere between the mangroves of the Sulu seas and the desert sands of the Red Sea in a style that is bound to blow your gray matter all over cyberspace,
O-O-O, O-O!

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Babel Rising is about a world whose technology is here and now and just a little bit more advanced. But what about the intelligence?

Are You Ready For The New Millennium?

Here are some of the questions that this site seeks to bravely answer:

overseas Filipinos are all over the globe: will they conquer the world?
what is Philippine education like without DECS textbooks?
what lessons can you learn from the movie Titanic?
why is Erap a standing shade like Rizal?
why is Mindanao becoming more and more like the elusive Shangri-la?
which comes first? the chicken or the egg?
why is chatting an adventure?

(If you tell me who cares anyway?, you better!)
an adventure into personal publishing

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