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4th Quarter 1999



A Culture of Peace
for Mindanao

Are The Times Really A Changin'?

Letters To The World
(courtesy of UNESCO)

Bugs, The Organic Ones
(courtesy of the American Society for Microbiology


Computer Lessons
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The E-Generation
of OFWs

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Wisdom For All
Times And Places
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Season's Greetings
B&B Vol 2
4th Qrt 1993

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3rd Quarter 1999


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The Culture of Peace

The Moros of Mindanao have been brutalized over centuries of wars. Even today, with all the trimmings of so-called agreements and governance, they are being continually pushed to a situation where no amount of law and order will convince them that they should not convulse out of their current displacement. Without the necessary accommodation ...the convulsion can only be violent... Read the full article

Second part of a series on Muslim Mindanao...


Are The Times Really A Changin'?

Talk about freedom and human rights. To be dispensed with by whom and for whom? You'd think after all the wars and aggressions the world has gone through all these centuries, and with all the words and letters and chatting we've exchanged with each other in this recent information age, we already have the answers to such questions. But then look again:

There is no plugging the leak, no taming the monsters ... this time, loose on Chechnya.  Blast in or blast out!

Read a related summary report on the raging conflicts of the 20th century.


Letters To The World

As the millennium turns, the elders of the world try to reach out to the future generation of 2050 with letters straight from the hearts and minds of a fading century.

In the words of Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations, "From the sextant to the satellite, each new technical breakthrough has allowed us to conquer the barrier of distance. Indeed, today, people in different parts of the world are directly affected by each other's actions more than ever before in human history..."

Read on Annan's vision of peace for all cultures.

More letters by other personalities...


BUGS & BYTES Features An Old Issue Article
Season's Greetings

December 1999. The Christmas Season is upon us. And so is the Muslim Ramadan Season and the holy months extending up to Hajj. And yet how many people outside the Islamic world are aware of Ramadan and the holy months and their significance, as much as they are aware of Christmas or even Valentines like they were the air they breath? 

Are the glass windows attractive enough to bring in the customers?


Wisdom For All Times & Places


Then will Allah say:
"O Jesus the son of Mary!
Recount My favour
To thee and to thy mother.
Behold! I strengthened thee
With the holy spirit,
So that thou didst speak
To the people in childhood
And in maturity."
(Qur'an 5:110)

Who is Jesus Christ? Find out more what the Qur'an says about the man, his birth, his miracles and his position with God.

Excerpts from the Qur'an, The Book of Wisdom. Don't shut it outright just because you are not a disciple....


(in association with

The River Why
The River Why
by David James Duncan

One by Richard Bach
by Richard Bach

World's Shortest Stories
The World's Shortest Stories
edited by Steve Moss

Bugs That Bite

Literally, the bugs! As we explore outer spaces beyond the skies of Earth, so we explore the inner spaces of the Earth, with equally amazing, colorful and dangerous frontiers.

Welcome to the world of microbes ....


Computer Lessons

Bugs & Bytes originally wanted to provide a series on personal computing, ever since its first issue back in 1992, but has never really gotten to doing that. But why re-invent the wheel, so to speak? Let's hear the lessons straight from the experts.

And this site is one real expert that can easily relate to laymen and virtuosos alike.

Warp right into Computerworld's QuickStudy for that truly quick educational shot in the arm....


Even The Heavens Celebrate The Coming of the New Millennium

Solar eclipse (the wedding ring) as seen from Austria

The Solar Eclipse of
August 11, 1999

Leonid meteors over Jordan

The Leonid meteor storm in
mid-November 1999

Mars Polar Lander illustration by Christopher Short

Did Martian life trash this one? When will we ever know?
an adventure into personal publishing


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