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OFW 2000:
(The Fight Is Not Yet Over)

And what are OFWs asking for in return? Not much. In fact, OFWs do not necessarily want to be treated as heroes. Not VIPs even. They don't even need the government to be grateful. They merely want to feel cared for and properly attended to.

And what is PWEFI asking for? Not much either. Just a token declaration... Just an "OFW YEAR." A special year that is hoped to improve the lot of OFWs, get more things moving for their welfare and benefit, and make them more "visible and audible." And all these could become reality without so much effort on the part of the government. Just a simple act of picking up a pen and signing for the declaration. Not much really. After all, it is for the very people who do not only contribute to the economic well-being of our country and to the development of their host countries but who serve as conduits of Philippine culture, customs and traditions. People who serve as showcases of everything good that we have to offer the world. People who, by being such, contribute to the globalization of the Filipino and, in a large sense, to the Filipinization of the globe.

And that is the worth of OFWs.

Kaya ituloy po natin ang kampanya for the declaration of 2000 or 2001 as "The Year of Overseas Filipino Workers!"

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