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(The Fight Is Not Yet Over)

A report issued by Rhoel R. Mendoza to the supporters of the Philippines to the World Entertainment Foundation, Inc. (PWEFI) campaign to declare the Year 2000 an Overseas Filipino Workers Year.

Perhaps I need not tell you that our campaign has not produced positive results, not yet; otherwise, you would have heard by now that 2000 has indeed been declared as OFW Year. However, we at the PWEFI are not giving up and we hope neither are you. It is, after all, just the beginning of the year.

Besides, if the declaration is not made soon, we can always bat for year 2001.

Since we formally launched the signature drive in January 1999, we have been receiving support from kababayans not only by way of them signing up in the campaign but also in the form of morale-boosting letters and e-mail messages. Unfortunately, we could not reply to each one of them. So to all of you who signed up and sent messages, our profound thanks.

Meanwhile, we deem it appropriate to update you on the developments relative to the campaign. You will also find below several things that PWEFI is bent on urging the government to do and things that the group itself intends to pursue, OFW Year or not.


(This report is meant to inform the signatories on what had transpired during the past months in connection with our signature campaign and to assure those who supported the project that the Foundation never faltered in its efforts and that it hasn't given up to make OFW Year a reality. During the height of the campaign until the signatures were submitted to Sen. Loren Legarda in September 1999, news releases were sent to the three English dailies in Saudi Arabia. This update, therefore, reports mostly on what happened thereafter.)


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