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7 Something Happened On My Way To School
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12 Breakaway Telephonic Existence

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Prologue, Epilogue, Iklog (O Manok?)
Copyright 1999 by Said Sadain, Jr.

7   Something Happened On My Way To School

In September 1995, something did happen.

The Parents-Teachers Association of the Philippine School in Jeddah, re-established in early 1994 after nearly a decade of silence, pushed hard with its demand for lower tuition fees, quality education, more transparent management and better facilities. It also clamored for the election of parents into a proposed governing school board. It helped that during the summer of 1995, the Philippine Education Secretary, The Honorable Ricardo Gloria, visited Jeddah and dangled before the parents the hope of developing PSJ into a science high school.

On September 15, the day of the school board election that consulate officials aborted late in the afternoon of the previous day, one of our colleagues in the association got mauled by some overzealous members of the school staff. The maulers, we were later told, were honestly fearful that we were going to drive them out of their livelihood if we won our way into the board.

Our injured colleague, Mrs. Carmelita Shahwan, a lady with a big heart and a sharp tongue, used to be a Christian from Manila who married a Muslim Egyptian and is now a Muslim convert. Our PTA President, Dr. Ibrahim Bahjin, is Muslim. Other members of the PTA and the teachers who sympathized with us are mostly Christians. I, who was running for one of the school board seats, am Muslim. The consulate and school officials were a mix of Muslims and Christians. The maulers were mostly Muslims. They had Christian active backers and sympathizers on their sides.

The claim by some that the conflict was about Muslim school officials and their relatives lording it over the school while the more plentiful Christians were being subjugated into silent submission did not hold water in that miserable hotchpotch. Some claimed it was a tribal rivalry among the fierce Moros, Muslims from the Philippines, but they could not quite reconcile how the Christian elements fit into the scene. Some claimed it was a subterfuge by Christians to grab power in the school.

The PTA President was accused of being anti-Muslim. I was not as much vocal or as confrontational as the PTA President, but considering that I was also out there at the frontline, trying to live up to my words, I knew I was receiving my own share of abuse.

Now you understand what is going on in Mindanao. Or are you more confused than before?

In retrospect, I now realize how people could get into a war and still feel fully gratified that they were doing the best for everybody.

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