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Prologue, Epilogue, Iklog (O Manok?)
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16   PESJ History

By the last quarter of 1996, as the Retired Interim School Board Chair, I was relegated to talking about history in school assemblies that were held in the school yard under the Jeddah night skies.

Following is the text of the most elaborate history speech I delivered, marking the anniversary of one year of the PESJ and some three years of the struggle:


The Honorable Prof. Abdulhussein Kashim, Attaché for Education and Foreign Information Officer of the Phil. Embassy in Riyadh, The Honorable Atty. Abraham Malli, our Labor Attaché in Jeddah, The Honorable Iriles Ladjabassal, our OWWA Welfare Officer, our new Principal, Mrs. Nenita Palmero, honorable members of the newly-elected School Board, honorable members of the old Interim School Board, dear children, parents, teachers and staff of the IPSJ Science Section, honored guests, ladies and gentlemen : good evening.

My task tonight is to read to you the history of our young school. This is not an easy task. If I were to give justice to this colorful and dramatic history, we should spend a whole day talking about it. However, I have condensed this into a four page document, which I hope I can read to you in about 20 minutes. Please bear with me.

My purpose in reading to you this history is not to agitate you but rather to educate and enlighten you. The parents who know this history very well have already come to terms with this past, and they will not forget; they have learned their lessons very well. The new members of our community will be better off knowing this history because they too can learn from it, and will have a better appreciation about the ideals and collective efforts that build this school to what it is now and to what it can be tomorrow:


Inspired by the mid-1993 school crisis in the Phil. Embassy School in Riyadh which blew up to become a major media event among the Filipinos in the Kingdom at that time, the OCW parents in the Phil. School in Jeddah started agitating for reforms in the PSJ.

Jan 1 and 2, 1994

By the first week of 1994, the dismal situation of the PSJ was the topic of a full page investigative reporting by Arab News, published in two parts datelined Jan. 1 and 2, 1994.

The articles spoke at length of PSJ parents complaints and concerns, summarized as follows: quality problems in the standard of education, exorbitant cost of education, the lack of financial transparency, and the lack of adequate facilities.

Feb. 1994

In Feb. 14, 1994, concerned parents of the PSJ met to organize the PSJ Parents Association led by Jun Credo as President of the association and Dr. Ibrahim Bahjin as vice-president. The PA immediately embarked on discussions with school and consulate officials for much needed reforms in the school.

May 1994

May 1994 saw the changing of the School Directorship from the previous Congen to the new Congen. The PA continued discussions with the new Congen about PSJ improvements which unfortunately were not happening, inspite of our constant reminders and insistence.

The opening of the SY 1994-95, was however met with optimism when the Congen announced the revival of the Parents-Teachers Council after almost seven years of being suppressed.

Oct. 1994

Thus in October 1994, the PTC officials of the PSJ were elected into office with Dr. Bahjin as the president, Jun Credo, as the First VP, and majority of the PTC officials coming from the Parents Association. Mrs. Belma Regis was further appointed as one of the Teacher-Reps to the PTC, and one who turned out to be very much pro-parent in her views and actions.

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