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1 The Egg

2 Hatsing! (Bless Me)

3 Arthropodic Wisdom

4 Dear Decision Maker

5 Letters To The World

6   A Pain In My Head

7 Something Happened On My Way To School
8   A Discourse on The Grand Laws of the Universe

9 Black or White

10 Bayanihan in Jeddah

11 Chair of The Interim Board

12 Breakaway Telephonic Existence

13 The 'R' in Mrs. Regis

14 One City, One School

15 Eggs Breaking

16 PESJ History

17 The Chicken Fence

18 Believing The Man

19   My Own Version of The Jolo-Caust

20 My Sister's Version

21 The Rifle Guitar

22   Cat Stevens Unplugged

23  Landing on D-Day

24 The Great O-O-Os of the Late 20th Century

25 He Kept On Stumbling Over Chickens And Eggs

26   The Renaissance of Tilapia Farming And The Likes

27   The Saga Continues

28   The Pigeons In Our Lives

29 The Essence of Education

30   A School Is A Home

31  Gentle Fire From The Qur'an

32  At The Threshold

33  A Brief Discourse On Dancing

34  Being First

35   At The Edge of Light-Blue Metallic

36   Grappling With The Colossus


Section II
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The Power To Be
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Of Crabs & Men
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Excerpts from B & B Vol. 2 # 2

An Inability To Understand
Excerpts from A Speech by Prince Charles,
B & B Vol. Vol. 3 # 1

'Educating Miriam'
Excerpts from A Case Study of A Philippine School,
B & B Vol 3 # 2


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Prologue, Epilogue, Iklog (O Manok?)
Copyright 1999 by Said Sadain, Jr.

25   He Kept On Stumbling Over Chickens And Eggs

During all those exciting times in the Philippines -- people power, power brownouts, American bases blackouts, the black ashes of Mt. Pinatubo -- I was holed up in Jeddah, eating quick sunny side up eggs for breakfast and chicken tikka for supper.

You might ask me by now, why do I keep on mentioning chickens and eggs?

I have this unexplainable fixation for chickens and eggs, that is why, bordering on the illusion that a time may come when chickens and eggs alone may save mankind from starvation.

More generally, my fixation encompasses other fowls and their eggs, since sometimes, I come across some pigeons instead of chickens.

One time in the middle 90s, an air-conditioning unit at my house in Jeddah started to operate noisily, like when a piece of paper is thrust into the rotating blades of an electric fan. I left it at that for a few days until the landlord upstairs knocked on my door shouting above the din that my right to turn on my aircon unit will forever be revoked unless I fix the noise.

I asked the maintenance department at the office to send an electrician to check the unit. They sent Valerio Nalupa to the house. He was a lanky, smiley guy from Iloilo who liked to shave his head just for the fun of it, especially during the Haj period when a lot of hajjis shaved their heads. When Val, after some effort, finally managed to open up the back of the aircon unit, he took out a gabbling pigeon in a straw nest trying to brood three spotty eggs. The children all jumped up with delight on the now confused bird until Val suggested that he took the bird and her nest with him to the company villa that had a comfortable rooftop for just this kind of nesting.

A year after that episode, Val died of electrocution on the rooftop of one of the company villas. It happened during one of those rare rainy days in Jeddah while Val was trying to fix a motor pump for an elevated water tank. The pigeons, I am sure, must have cried profusely when they saw Val, with nobody to come to his rescue while he laid there for an eternity, in the rain puddles under the downcast sky.

If you think that that was a nasty way to go, think about the warehouse picker who got squashed under several pieces of steel beams when they came crashing down on him at the staging yard.

When I go myself, I would like to have this epitaph: He Kept On Stumbling Over Chickens And Eggs.


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