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Prologue, Epilogue, Iklog (O Manok?)
Copyright 1999 by Said Sadain, Jr.

9   Black or White (cont.)

Black or White

Why these things should happen at all is the question that you need to ask before a solution can even be formulated. If you recall my first letter to you, some of the points I mentioned there are contributing factors to this situation, among other things. Another factor of course is the insecurity of some segment of the school that some other segments are after their necks and want them kicked out of the school. Very sadly, this situation had been perpetuated for so long now that there presently exists an atmosphere of suspicion and distrust among parents and teachers. The distrust is such that even if teachers have good meanings and intentions, some parents are bound to be always critical about every move that teachers may do. Likewise, even if some parents have good meanings and intentions, some teachers can get so defensive or offensive to the point of creating a volatility that is just waiting to explode. Some teachers who tend to show sympathy to some parents even find themselves at odds with other teachers. People are being segregated into either black or white, for or against, loyal or disloyal.

This negativism has to be overcome. Overcoming it will not be an easy task considering that a lot of us adults are already stiff and unbending with our respective biases and prejudices. But precisely because we are all adults and responsible elements in our PSJ community, we should harbor hope and a positive feeling that we can overcome these difficulties.

Allow me therefore to advance some of these ideas and criticisms, bearing in mind that all these are being said with the noble intention of awakening everybody to their senses so we might start to turn this tide of negativism around. Forgive me if I may sound too presumptuous about all these, but it is a risk that I can take considering that I have nothing to lose to those who would not appreciate what I am doing, and much to gain for everybody if some people in the school will just move toward the direction that I am pointing to.

What The School Administration Must Do

The faculty members and school officials must act more objectively and less defensively. I wholly appreciate the dedication of our officials in their jobs and in this respect, their dedication has been exemplary. If for any reason, they get criticisms from some sectors of the community, they should welcome and evaluate these criticisms as a way of improving their work, rather than react to these criticisms with a vile bitterness that can only spawn more criticisms and adverse reactions. In other words, the school staff and officers must realize that, with their dignified positions, is the consequent responsibility of preserving the peace and discouraging anything that can lead to the deterioration of this peace. Ending the cycle of attrition must be part of their everyday thinking and countenance such that harmony and cooperation can take the place of intrigues and misunderstanding. Desisting from issuing inflammable remarks while opening the proper channels of dialogue and communication among all sectors of the school is the hallmark of a mature and responsible community.

The PTG and the PTC

The creation of the Parents-Teachers Homeroom Groups and the Parents-Teachers Council under the democratic thinking of our Consul General is perhaps the best thing that may have happened to the school and as such all parties should endeavor to make these bodies work out properly. Failure of doing so will only mean that parents will continue to seek their voices elsewhere without a constructive mechanism of consultation with the school staff and officials. The school administration must therefore be supportive of the PTC and the PTG, regardless of who the officers are. [It is unfortunate that in the recently concluded elections, some sectors again resorted to painting the results as either black or white, and even questioned some people’s loyalties to the school for voting one and not the other.] The last thing that the administration would want to happen is to reduce the PTC and PTG into ineffectual bodies such that parents resort back to other means to address their concerns.

Herein lie the proper channels of communication and the proper means of fostering harmony, cooperation and understanding among all sectors of the PSJ community. With the blessings of the school administration and through the auspices of the PTC, the community can chair all kinds of committees to tackle issues openly and professionally, involve a large sector of parents and teachers and enjoin a healthy atmosphere of trust and confidence in the school. Some committees that I can think of as necessary are the following: a grievance committee to serve as buffer and monitor between discontented parents and hapless teachers; a teachers’ performance committee to ensure the highest level of performance from each and every educator; a continuing education committee to assist teachers improve their teaching methods and child psychology skills; an information and communications committee to ensure the flow and exchange of constructive ideas among parents and teachers.

New Horizons … New Directions

This positive atmosphere has been partly reached during the recently concluded Foundation Week activities. It will be a pity if we have to retreat from this achievement just because of an outburst that could have been prevented had we been more persistent and more vigilant in our will to overcome the negativism that abounds.

Let me be blunt about one thing. There will be some parties who will continue to resist changes and who will continue to foster this negativism and polarism in the school out of their insecurities or their vested interests. It is toward these parties that our efforts should be focused to try to make them realize that their insecurities are unfounded, and that as long as everybody is willing to work together, a spirit of accommodation can always be achieved to ensure that everyone is at their best level of performance toward bettering the welfare of our children at PSJ.

I urge your Honorable Office to move forward from here, to take the initiative in this effort and to enjoin your officers and staff in this direction. When parents see such a high-minded move from the school administration I have no doubt that parents, radical or passive, vocal or silent, will greatly appreciate this and respond in the same kind for a much better PSJ.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and may God bless you always.

Said K. Sadain


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