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Mt. Tumantangis & Other Poems on Sulu
by Isnani

The Growing
The Waves of Sulu
The Calm
Mt. Tumantangis
The Warrior
The System
Where Feeds The Mind
An Uneventful Day
Abunnawas Retold
Poem For The Twigs

Silent Verses
by Dias

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Paring Bert
by Albert E. Alejo, SJ

Mayuming Ikebana Sa
Madugong Dabaw

Panghihinayang Sa Patay
Na Diktador

Ang Katotohanan Ay

Sanayan Lang Ang

Poem For The Twigs

Growing is an all-consuming process
And life subtracts the moment it proceeds
The leaves are wakeful of the wind
And roots too mind the earth embraced.
What feeds the sleepy mountain but
The lethargy of the soul
And when with blood the hair is soaked
The waves will howl at muddied sky.

Yet there is beauty in the dust
That has to grow on the skin
When market voices spell out
The realities of the twigs:
Wet with dew in the morning's wake
And dried as amber when the sun peaks.

And there is beauty in the dark
Uncertainties of the night,
The mystery enthralls as the warmth
Of the flesh unfolding behind
The silken cloth when shadows quiet
Murmurs of the wounded soul.

- Isnani

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