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Mt. Tumantangis & Other Poems on Sulu
by Isnani

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The Waves of Sulu
The Calm
Mt. Tumantangis
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by Dias

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by Albert E. Alejo, SJ

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Sanayan Lang Ang

More Words, Just Words

The reading papers do not have blank pages
where words may be wanting, timidly smirking;
eloquence is something else though
from mere wetwater and coldchill!
The bystander who fails to apprehend
becomes the object of a circus ride
where colors are forged on brokenhorses,
white zebras
whose mouths offend the scorching sun,
tagged a midnightmoon, or a burstingballoon.

The headlines blare with cunning eyes
which may stare one every other way except
directly deep
into eagle glares and the urchins of the street
whose existence is a gruffandgrum
reduced to finer mist by grammarians who hide
or refuse to acknowledge the dying man
on pavements of prettycity,
seemingly healthy eyrie.

A disciple from the university weaves his anguish
in words too by which the eagle pastes his nest,
speaks of fieryfire and
necessarynecessities, and calls
a scorching sun a scorching sun but for
the encumbrance of his neat books and eldersdreams
and youngloves and other guarded interests,
so that what eagle is bred in the nest
seldom transcends
sky into searingsun, lighterair, but bows the brow
and glides down to the comforting growth
of lush greeneries and steel lakes,
the greediness of trees that clutch and choke

More words prance before the eyes,
fan the flame with frothy feathers that flinch
fearful nevertheless of the fire,
euphoria on the brim of glasses or egress
of shaded thoughts, the necessary mind
but bypasses the transformation that must befit
glory of words livedby and actedon.

- Dias

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